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Bringing It To The Table

This episode, each of us picked a show for us to watch the first episode of! Listen to us fight to the DEATH over which show we should continue to watch and discuss in our next episode! We brought SO many different genres of anime… I wonder which will win?

Music credit goes to Sean Petersen @spsounds

Episode 7: Meet The Hosts #1

This begins our adventure in learning about who the heck we are podcasting with! This episode, we meet the FABULOUS Lorena, aka Lolo’s Wardrobe. We ask her to divulge her anime obsessions and her favorite things to sew! She teaches us that you can use photo corners for cosplay, how to make friends at conventions, and much more!

Music credit goes to Sean Petersen @spsounds

Sweet Heaven, No?

This week, we talk about a show that is ALMOST anime, Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman. We ponder if one MUST include orgasms in shows about food, at what point we become uncomfortable and also food. So. Much. Food.

Music credit goes to Sean Petersen @spsounds

I Can’t Remember Your Name!

Join us in our second deep dive where we discuss the hit movie Your Name. We talk about human connections, trauma from national disasters, Tommy Lee Jones and roller toasters. Yeah, we go a little off the rails on this one, but it’s all for LOVE! SPOILER ALERT!!!

Music credit goes to Sean Petersen @spsounds

Ancient Magus’ Bride Review

This week, we start a new trend where we mostly only talk about one show! We all watched what was released at the time of The Ancient Magus’ Bride and talk about our thoughts and feelings. Be warned! This contains spoilers for the prequel movie and the first 5 episodes of this show. We discuss healthy relationships, character designs, genre descriptions and more!

Music credit goes to Sean Petersen

Music Makes Us Lose Control!

This week we talk about music in anime! Openings, endings and all kinds of themes are discussed. We mention some of our favorites and some that we hate and some that we love to hate. Also penguins, Vocaloids and Kanye West.

Music credit goes to Sean Petersen

Pretty Pretty Pictures

In this week’s episode, we talk about our favorite looking anime, and some that didn’t quite impress us. We get distracted by awful live action remakes, delicious food, and GIANT EYES.

Music credit goes to Sean Petersen

May The Best Girl Win!

Join us in our first episode all together as we share which anime we have been watching, talk about who are our Best Girls, get distracted and talk about The Powerpuff Girls, and discuss the merits of dating Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny.

Listen on 🍎 Here

Music credit to Jahzzar for their song Siesta

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